Goddess Dance Series

Thursdays from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

March 7th - May 2nd

$104 for the series / $15 for drop-in


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Class Description:

Goddess Dance, an eight-week series, creates a meaningful and fun experience weaving body, psyche and spirit. Each class journeys into a specific goddess and related chakra through embodied visualizations, guided stretching, freestyle dance, and heart-opening sisterhood activities.  We begin on the mat deeply sensing the body. Once we are feeling centered and comfortable, we work off the mat in intentional free-style dance and connecting activities. This is not about what we look like, but how we feel. This is not a performance class, but an experiential journey. Diversity is encouraged for a rich sisterhood community - this class is designed for all ages of women over 18, all ethnicities, and all levels, and is especially designed with a sensitivity towards women who want to dance, but are afraid to. Much transformation can come from reclaiming our primal and spiritual right to dance!

This is an incredible opportunity to rediscover, embrace, and empower yourself and each other in a safe and loving space. 

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Katie Wells'Bio

Katie Wells holds sacred space to reconnect with our bodies and reclaim the right to move without self-judgment. Katie is a dancer, a teacher, and the founder of Interweave®, a movement meditation practice. Since earning undergraduate and master’s degrees in Dance from Columbia College Chicago and the University of Colorado at Boulder, she has become a certified teacher in Spiritual Embodiment from the Realization Process, and is currently training to be a teacher in Mindful Self-Compassion. Katie teaches Somatics, Modern Dance, and Dance Appreciation at Radford University, has led opening ceremonies and workshops for both Floyd Fest and Yoga Jam and continues to lead classes in ecstatic dance and creative movement. She also facilitates Goddess Retreats and women’s gatherings, such as “Grounded Feet, Open Heart”.

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This class changed my life! – Leah DeLuzio, Business Owner

Being in this class brought peace and love to my life this semester. It was my safe place. - Zoe Coloumbis, Radford University Student

I was surprised how bonded I felt after the first day. I have a new relationship with my body and a newfound love for dance. – Christina Behrens, Healer

Goddess Dance gave me confidence and taught me to respect who I am as a person! Even my posture has changed. - Katelyn Sine, Roanoke College Student 



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