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For ages 8 years old to 18 years old
Every Monday 3:30 to 5:30

The Floyd "Junior Appalachian Musicians (JAMS)” program is a Crooked Road/JAM program that teaches students banjo, fiddle, mandolin, or guitar in the style of old-time music from our region.

Students are allowed to choose from either a fiddle, guitar, mandolin, or banjo to learn on. All instruments are provided to enrolled students, which is included in the program tuition. The tuition fee is on a sliding scale based on household income; ensuring that no family is turned away.

Every other class includes at least fifteen minutes of enrichment time, which introduces children to additional Appalachian culture and history. This is provided by visiting artists each week. Students then have an hour and a half of music instruction.

Floyd County, Virginia

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Floyd JAMS follows the “JAM program model,” which is to provide children with opportunities not only in learning traditional music, but to also perform in small and large groups. Each JAM program is encouraged to foster musical traditions by teaching local styles of traditional mountain music and dance to children. Instructors are also encouraged to teach students to learn music by ear, as to preserve oral traditions as much as possible.

Please see our tuition chart for pricing as well as information on discounts.

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