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Website Perks Galore!

Ever heard Resa talk about all the things you can do on the JBC website? Well use this post as a way to catch up on all the goodies the website has to offer! And when in doubt, what does Resa always say? Send her an email if you have any questions ;)


The first thing you'll want to do on the JBC website is become a member. You can do this by clicking the "Login" button in the upper right hand corner.

Once you've gone there, you'll want to log in or sign up with your email

Once you have set up an account with your email and password, you've officially got an account with our website! Now let me show you all the awesome things that come with that.


Your account will have a profile you can go to with any information you have regarding bookings, orders, or subscriptions. You'll be able to see all the courses and appointments you have booked as well as your past bookings. You can also see the cards you've used to pay online as well as update them. If you have a subscription with us you can manage it through your profile. If you have any points (which we will talk about next!) you can see them here. Just like bookings, you'll be able to see all events you've registered for.

There is so much information that is tailored just to you on this page and it is incredible to just keep track of all things JBC!

Loyalty Points

These are our way of saying think you to our loyal customers. Earn points, or ladybugs as we call them (I'm so funny), and use those points towards JBC purchases! If you earn a certain amount of ladybugs you can unlock perks. There are lots of ways to earn points, so keep an eye on all you can unlock!


Another awesome part of being a member, our community center! We've got a corner for parents, instructors, board members, and staff to talk and share thoughts and images with each other! We have a designated forum for each program as well as a generic page for everyone to converse about all things JBC (my favorite topic!)

If any of this was a "wow, Resa's nuts" moment, don't worry, (we all have those moments) because I am always willing to walk you around and show you how to use the website. Trust me, I want you to use it! At any time, feel free to email me and ask for a time to walk through it, I will get you all figured out!

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