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A Home For Lost Music Makers
ALL Instruments, ALL ages, ALL Skill levels, ALL Music, ALL Welcome!
Hosted by Mim!
Are you a lonely music maker? Do you play by yourself and think, "I wish I had someone to make music with." Do you look at jam circles and think, "I wish I could do that but I am not good enough/ don't know how/ am too shy?"

You are a Lost Music Maker and you have a home here!
Come to the 2nd Star Open Jam!
There is now no excuse to not make music with others! Let's build a quirky, fun, inclusive, community of Music Makers: come make music!

But Mim, I don't know music theory.
-No problem, the chords will be projected on a screen. We will meet you where you are at on your musical journey!
But Mim, I am just a beginner.
-No problem, the more skilled musicians will naturally play louder. Simply jump in on the chords you know and eventually you will no longer be a beginner.
But Mim, I am a really good player, this is too elementary for me.
-Please Come! We need you! Share your skill with others! Sit by a beginner and show them a few tricks! And best of all we will work in some instrumental breaks so you can show your stuff!
But Mim, I can't play anything, I only sing.
-Great! Your voice is your Instruments! Join us! Lyrics will be on the screen!
But Mim, I don't like ____ kind of music.
-You are in luck! I don't just like one kind of music either. From Beatles to Taylor Swift. Garth Brooks to Lady Gaga! A-ha to ZZ Top! We will cover a wide-range of music genres so there is something for everyone!
My kids is learning to play _____ instrument. Can they come?
-Absolutely! All ages! All skill levels! All fun!
I haven't picked up my instrument in ages!
-There is no better time than the here and now!

About Mim: Mim is a world famous ukulele retailer and performer! She has performed at events from California to the United Kingdom! She is also a regular emcee at 5 different ukulele festivals and wants to being the ukulele jam spirit to Floyd and open up the experience to all types of instruments! She is passionate about helping people of all ages and skill levels to realize that they too can make music! She hopes the 2nd Star Open Jam will become a place where Music Makers of all kinds will find friendship, motivation, and fun!

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