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David Park Lecture

We have a unique and exciting opportunity to present renowned violinist, David Park, in a lecture/class entitled "The Art of the Violin". David has quite a wealth of knowledge and experience as a violinist and will include a preview of the concert music he will be performing on March 2 at The Floyd Center for the Arts. He will also include a Q and A time, so students, please feel free to bring your violins for an opportunity to gain some tips and insights from one of the best.

The class will be held at The June Bug Center, Friday, March 1, at 4:00. (An RSVP to this email address is helpful, but not necessary). We are asking for a suggested donation of $20 for David's time and expertise.

The Floyd Center for the Arts were so kind to offer free tickets to any student interested in going! So you all have the opportunity to meet Mr. Park on Friday, learn from him and ask questions, then see him the next day performing at the Arts Center! How cool! This concert is located at the Floyd Center for the Arts, right across from us. The concert starts at 4pm and student tickets are free!

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